Laboratoires Blue Skin is taking its offer one step further with a complete range of hair treatments that meet the specific needs of all types of “Caucasian“ hair.

Laboratoires Blue Skin Paris went to the amazon region to find pequi oil, traditionally used by the Indians for its benefefits, and combined it with natural keratin.


Natural keratin

Keratin constitutes more than 90% of the hair fiber. Being particularly rich in sulphur-containing amino acids, it helps to structure the hair, giving it its smooth or curly form.

When exposed to damaging environments, the keratin protein wears out and the amino acid chains that constitute it ultimately become broken. Since it cannot repair itself, it is important to rebuild the hair’s internal substance by supplying it with "biocompatible" keratin.

How does it work?

The keratin used by Keraline is made up of two types of keratin with different molecular weights and a structure almost identical to that of human hair. Partly obtained from New Zealand sheep’s wool, it restores the hair’s softness and silky appearance.

In addition it is fully “biocompatible”, in contrast to synthetic keratin of plant origin, and it:

  • - envelops the hair in a sheath that protects it and gives it volume,
  • - penetrates to the inside of the hair to repair and strengthen it.

It is completely safe and carries no risk of allergic reaction


Pequi oil, the beauty secret of the Amazon Indians

Pequi oil is obtained from the pulp of the fruit from Caryocar Brasiliense, a tree native to the Amazon region. Rich in oleic fatty acids, the flesh of the fruit consists of an oil with remarkable energising, nutritional and protective properties.

The pequi oil used in Keraline is 100% pure and plant-based and has many beneficial properties. It hydrates, deeply nourishes the hair, gives it intense softness and a brilliant shine, without weighing down the hair. Added in small doses during its formulation, it does not make the hair greasy.

Fleur de Pequi

What sets us apart?

Laboratoires Blue Skin Paris have developed the KERALINE range to respond to problem experienced by users:

  • Straight, lifeless hair, that tends to become greasy, particularly at the roots
  • Split ends
  • Hair dulled by the environment
  • Hair damaged by chemical treatments (colour treatments, perming, straightening, etc.)
  • Flyaway hair
  • Curly, hard to manage hair