“Low Shampoo” hair care is a trend that originated in the United States, aimed at washing the hair BETTER and LESS often by changing your hair care routine.

It involves using only mild shampoos free from foaming agents (sulphates) that attack the hair and make it dull and greasy.

The more hair is washed the more it tends to be greasy, since its level of sebum is stimulated.

Furthermore, the chemical agents present in most shampoos damage the hair… The hair may look beautiful and silky but this is only superficial. In reality, it can be very damaged by the chemical treatments it undergoes.

The solution of not washing the hair, otherwise known as the “No Shampoo” trend can seem radical, so the “Low Shampoo” trend is an alternative solution.


Recommended for all those with damaged, dry hair having undergone various treatments (colouring, straightening, highlights, etc.) or those who would simply like to adopt a healthier beauty routine.